June 01, 2005

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Top referrers and stats for May

Thanks to the top referrers for May:

Mr Brown
2004 Weblog Awards
Cowboy Caleb
Flying Chair
Shaky Kaiser

Thank you to everyone else who also linked and visited.

A special shout-out to my family vet, Dr. Lloyd. When he's not looking after Misti the money-pooping machine he's a reader of this site. I even wrote about Lloyd's practice once. He also hosted the famous Dogs on Prozac talk. Lloyd - you're reader of the month*.

As I did last month, some stats for May:

* 20,230 unique visitors made 47,448 unique visits, reading a total of 91,742 pages and drawing 5.73 GB of bandwidth.
* This equals 1,531 visits per day reading 2,959 pages each day. In other words each visitor read 1.93 pages on average. Each visitor returned on average 2.34 times during the month.
* 731 added this site their to favourites. 182 subscribe via Bloglines and 107 via Feedburner.
* 64.7% of you use IE, 20.2% Firefox, 3.2% Safari, 2.2% Mozilla, 1.9% Opera and 1.1% Netscape to browse this site. 86% of you use Windows, 6.3% Mac, 1.6% Linux.
* 15.3% of visits were via search engines, of which Google was 67.1% and Yahoo 25.8%. The top search phrases were "Hong Kong Disneyland", "Nancy Kissel" and "China's Population". And thanks to my guest blogger I'm getting a good number of hits for "Korean babes".
* The most visited individual pages were the "Everything you wanted to know about blogging but were afraid to ask" (thanks to a Times article linking it), "Korean babes by blog" (told you) and "Google and the Great Firewall".


At Bingfeng's request, some geographical data although it isn't that reliable (especially given the use of proxy servers):

US = 52%
Australia = 8.6%
China = 5.1%
Singapore = 4.75%
Hong Kong = 4.45%
EU = 3%

Alternatively a time zone share study via Sitemeter says about 40% are from Asia Pacific, 15% from Europe and 39% from the Americas, which totals only 94%. The other 6% must be aliens.

* Does this qualify Misti for a discount? Please?

posted by Simon on 06.01.05 at 03:38 PM in the Top referrers category.


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I made it. I finally made it!

posted by: fumier on 06.01.05 at 03:43 PM [permalink]

You've worked hard for it...all that constant clicking pays off!

posted by: Simon on 06.01.05 at 03:50 PM [permalink]

simon, would like to see a geographical distribution of your readers ...

posted by: bingfeng on 06.01.05 at 04:25 PM [permalink]

See, stats-wise, I'm still behind.

But the good news is, I like to think that I cover the area of the world that you don't-you're the serious Asian-located business and local politics-regaling blogger, and I do mental, sentimental, and the occasional raunch.

So put us together and we get....what? A peanut butter and vegemite sandwich, or just a less wealthy Hugh Hefner? Hmm....

posted by: Helen on 06.01.05 at 04:27 PM [permalink]

Bingfeng - I've updated the post with the numbers such as I have them.

Helen - A less wealthy but far better looking Hugh Hefner. Now where's my jacuzzi?

posted by: Simon on 06.01.05 at 04:47 PM [permalink]

thanks simon.

posted by: bingfeng on 06.02.05 at 05:20 PM [permalink]

Hi there...now I know the man behind the webpage!

An honour to be reader of the month! Despite all the comments of how I have abused your credit card, you must admit that Misti is looking good, even though your kids can no longer afford school!

In return of this honour I will offer an "on the house" anal sac squeeze for your next visit- for Misti only!

Cheers,and keep up the good work!


posted by: Lloyd Kenda on 06.02.05 at 06:01 PM [permalink]

I'm telling Mrs M to make a note of the offer!

I do concede Misti is looking a million dollars....literally.

Now if you're reading this, who's looking after the pets?

posted by: Simon on 06.02.05 at 06:22 PM [permalink]

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