April 25, 2005

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Korean Babes by Blog

Kelvin at Plum Blossom beat me to the first babe post in Simon's absence (must be something in the air), but it does give me a good segue: "Kelvin did a fantastic job on in his post. But what is the recent history of beautiful Korean women in the blogosphere?"


Well, this post is here to help

posted by Dan tdaxp on 04.25.05 at 01:18 PM in the


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Iraq Girls Gone Wild (Parody) and Other Exploitations
Excerpt: Somehow, Yahoo UK & Ireland put me in the top-ten results for "Iraq Babes" -- twice! The offending posts about Lebanese Protest Babes and Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ may seem an odd pair, but hey -- traffic is traffic. In that spirit... ...
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In the interests of journalistic accuracy concerning an extremely important topic, I'd just like to point out that while the photographer behind the Mongolia photos is Korean, the models are 100% Mongolian.

posted by: The Marmot on 04.25.05 at 01:37 PM [permalink]

Indeed. For some reason, my eyes were drawn away from the explanatory text on your page. Thank you for the correction.

posted by: Dan on 04.25.05 at 01:53 PM [permalink]

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