February 27, 2004

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If you can try and invest money into Valley Vet Care. If Misti the Wonder Dog spent any more time there she'd be pishing on their carpets every night too. Turns out she not only is suffering from allergies but she has an underactive thyroid, requiring more tests, more tablets and more new cars for the vet. At the same time the vet's telling Mrs M all about private villas he likes to stay at in Bali. Memo to the vet - don't tell your clients about your expensive holidays just before they get your bill.

I've told Mrs M to just leave our credit card there and sign it over to them. They may as well have it permanently. If the medication works as promised Misti's lethargy and slightly rotund figure will be things of the past. I'd dearly love Misti to get better as she is our first child and love, but the bills are piling up. And she's not covered by our medical insurance.

posted by Simon on 02.27.04 at 05:08 PM in the


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Serious question: The dog wouldn't happen to be a lab or a retriever, would it?

I think a student of mine had this problem with her dog, and if it's the same dog, there may have been a cure for the underactive thyroid. I'll check on that.

posted by: boy on 02.27.04 at 05:33 PM [permalink]

She's a cocker spaniel. She's getting some tablets to help treat it. I'd be very interested in whatever you can find out.

posted by: Simon on 02.27.04 at 05:36 PM [permalink]

I suppose it's a bit late to take out pet insurance. I wish you the best of luck with the treatment.

posted by: Robert on 02.27.04 at 07:42 PM [permalink]

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