May 11, 2006

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China's Africa Strategy

Looking to impress your friends at the next dinner party? In our high brow China reading department, try the American Foreign Policy Council paper on China's Africa Strategy. Don't thank me for raising your IQ.

posted by Simon on 05.11.06 at 03:27 PM in the China category.


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But i want to thanx for the idea. And i really felt good to know about the friendly relations between the two.Anyways waiting to know more about the strategy.

posted by: Dave on 05.13.06 at 02:22 PM [permalink]

I know its bit silly to ask but wud Africa China strategy really be helpful in impressing a friend at the dinner party?
Waiting to know more about the strategy!!!!!!!!

posted by: Mike on 05.15.06 at 07:30 PM [permalink]

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