May 11, 2006

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Hong Kong quotes of the day

The SCMP is Cathay Pacific's in-house newsletter. The top of the front page leads with the heroic story of passengers that stuggled through a Cathay flight where the air-conditioning had broken down: A London-bound Cathay Pacific flight was forced to return to Hong Kong after a faulty air conditioning valve left more than 200 passengers gasping for air for four hours. Cabin crew fanned distressed passengers and gave them iced towels. Some lay down in the aisles. Yes, that's front page news.

The article heavily relies on an interview with Amisha Hira, age 26, who provides us our first quote of the day:

"My driver in economy class told me the situation was even worse there, with at least two people lying down in the walkway."
Those poor plebs in economy.

Staying on the Cathay theme, the second quote of the day comes from Bobo Chan, a Cathay flight attendant (not stewardess). She tells the SCMP:

Her two children, aged four and 12, also receive the benefits until they reach the age of 23. She said she takes her children to a hospital at least eight to 10 times a month.
Do you now understand why Hong Kong's hospital system has a serious problem?

Why all this coverage of Cathay? Could it be a co-incidence that Cathay is one of the SCMP's top advertisers?

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