April 01, 2005

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Top referrers and stats for March

Thanks to the following top 10 referrers for March:

Marginal Revolution
Mr Brown
2004 Weblog Awards
Korea Life Blog
Shaky Kaiser
Dean Esmay

Thank you to everyone else who also linked and visited.

As I did last month, some stats for March:
* 17,683 unique visitors made 45,232 unique visits, reading a total of 84,407 pages and drawing 6.1 GB of bandwidth.
* This equals 1,459 visits per day reading 2,723 pages each day. In other words each visitor read 1.86 pages on average. Each visitor returned on average 2.55 times during the month.
* 612 added this site their to favourites. 140 subscribe via Bloglines and 22 via Feedburner.
* 62.5% of you use IE, 20.1% Firefox, 3.1% Safari, 2.9% Mozilla, 1.9% Opera and 1.6% Netscape to browse this site. Almost 85% of you use Windows, 6.3% Mac, 1.8% Linux and curiously some came via Web TV.
* 7% of visits were via search engines, of which Google was 67.5% and Yahoo 23.6%. The top search phrases were "Hong Kong Disneyland", "Nancy Kissel" and "China's Population".
* The most visited individual pages were the "Best Singapore Blog", "Everything you wanted to know about blogging but were afraid to ask" (that post just keeps on going and going), "Invented the abacus but can't add up" (kindly linked by Marginal Revolution).

posted by Simon on 04.01.05 at 02:50 PM in the Top referrers category.


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Oh yeah. You're kicking Jim's and my bottoms.

I remember when all 3 of us were new and fragile. *Sniff*

posted by: Helen on 04.01.05 at 05:42 PM [permalink]

H, I would love to kick your bottom...

Happy, happy birthday.

posted by: Simon on 04.01.05 at 05:44 PM [permalink]

Damn, Simon, that is extraordinary. I guess it really is just a testament to the outstanding quality of your writing, your thinking, your topics, and just the whole blog.

As my Australian friends taught me to say, Good on you!

posted by: RP on 04.01.05 at 10:08 PM [permalink]

Just started reading your blog a few days ago, and am already quite enamored of it. I'm doing the whole 'gwailo in Hong Kong' thing, and it's interesting to see a different (and generally much more mature) perspective on things. I'm a bit of a statwhore myself, so here's mine:
17689 unique users
22430 visits (1.26 visits/visitor) 43890 pages (1.95 pages/visit) 260101 hits (11.59 hits/visit) 7.22 GB bandwidth (337.69 KB/visit)
Odd how two very different sites can attract almost exactly the same amount of visitors over the same period. Look forward to your further posts, and keep up the good work.

posted by: Jason on 04.02.05 at 01:18 AM [permalink]

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