April 01, 2005

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Joke of the Day

James Tien cannot take a hint. He's convinced he should run for Chief Executive despite everyone telling him not to. I'd love to see his reaction after this (from the SCMP):

Mr Tien said his party would conduct opinion polls this week to find out the popularity of himself and Donald Tsang. "If the polls show my popularity is very low, I will respect public opinion since I cannot hope to catch up in just a few months," he said. A university poll this week showed more than 71 per cent of those interviewed supported Mr Tsang, but less than 1 per cent preferred Mr Tien as the next chief executive.

Mr Tien said another important factor was whether Beijing would allow a fair race or whether it had already anointed someone to become the next chief executive. He said mainland organs, such as the central government's liaison office and the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, would be contacted over the question.

Can he take a hint?

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Excerpt: The two main pro-Beijing parties in Hong Kong have a problem. The business based Liberal Party has a leader with delusions of grandeur. James Tien is hoping that where one opinion poll gives Donald Tsang 70% support against his less than one percent, a...
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i found it hilarious that in that poll, James Tien is tied at 0.9% with Regina Ip, the former Secretary of Justice whose actions caused 500,000 people to take to the streets. Ahhh!

posted by: eswn on 04.02.05 at 01:18 AM [permalink]

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