December 01, 2002

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Best Singapore Blog

These are the results:

Total votes: 1776

1. Mr Brown - 559 votes
2. Iz Reloaded - 445 votes
3. Myrick - 173 votes

Other finalists:

Sarong Party Frens
Mr Miyagi's
Daryl Sng
Life at Ngee Ann
Idle Days


posted by Simon on 12.01.02 at 01:58 PM in the Asia Blog Awards 2004 category.


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And the winner by a country mile and a half is...
Excerpt: Congratulations all winners! I'll win next time, as soon as they've got a category called 'Best Blog with Blue Background, Yellow Headers, White Text, iTunes Auto Info, Cricket & Rugby News And Written By Mr Miyagi'.
Weblog: My Very Own Glob {Curiosa Felicitas}
Tracked: January 8, 2005 04:09 PM

Asia Blog Awards 2004 Results
Excerpt: The Asia Blog Awards 2004 winners have been announced. IZ Reloaded came in 2nd in both categories it was nominated in: Best Singapore Blog and Best Photo Blog. Many thanks to all of you who voted for my blog. The entire list of winners and nominees of ...
Weblog: IZ Reloaded
Tracked: January 9, 2005 01:03 PM


I'd like to nominate Chris Myrick at

posted by: Carl Parkes on 12.02.04 at 02:39 AM [permalink]

IZ Reloaded for Best Singapore Blog

posted by: Julina Tien on 12.02.04 at 05:17 AM [permalink]

I nominate Singabloodypore ( for best Singapore blog.

posted by: Infidel on 12.02.04 at 06:43 AM [permalink]

i nominate sarong party girl

posted by: aaron on 12.02.04 at 10:37 AM [permalink]

I'd to nominate Girl in Bionic Suit.

posted by: betty on 12.02.04 at 01:57 PM [permalink]

I nominate A Gonzo Journal ( for shits and giggles.

posted by: La Idler on 12.02.04 at 04:50 PM [permalink]

I nominate Expat@Large

posted by: lisa on 12.03.04 at 07:23 AM [permalink]

This may be a surprise to some, but I'd also like to nominate local blogger Mr. Brown at

posted by: Carl Parkes on 12.05.04 at 12:59 AM [permalink]

I nominate Two Cents Of My Life ( for Best Singapore Blog...

posted by: aresha on 12.05.04 at 01:00 AM [permalink]

Confessions Of A Fashionista ( hereby nominated by me!!

posted by: justme on 12.05.04 at 01:02 AM [permalink]

I nominate Chris Myrick at

posted by: steven on 12.05.04 at 01:48 AM [permalink]

I nominate caustic soda's blog.

posted by: tt on 12.05.04 at 05:08 AM [permalink]

posted by: andrew on 12.05.04 at 12:48 PM [permalink]

I'd like to nominate Singabloodypore at Keeping it real!

posted by: arcite on 12.06.04 at 03:25 AM [permalink]

My nomination:
Mumblings of Bubblemunche

posted by: calmone on 12.06.04 at 08:47 PM [permalink]

I nominate Eat Me Just Eat Me at -
shawn b. goes down kicking and screaming.

posted by: Charmaine on 12.07.04 at 01:37 AM [permalink]

I'd like to nominate Mr Brown at

posted by: Terrence Simon on 12.07.04 at 12:49 PM [permalink]

My nomination:

posted by: Kok Ann on 12.07.04 at 01:31 PM [permalink]

This one has the most wit, black humour and irrelevant facts(?!) of any blog in Singapore...

posted by: Jennifer on 12.07.04 at 02:15 PM [permalink]

Helps if I give you the name!!

posted by: Jennifer on 12.07.04 at 02:16 PM [permalink]

I will like to nominate Xiaxue's blog

posted by: Cedric on 12.07.04 at 04:10 PM [permalink]

I nominate unwil LING solitude

posted by: Dix on 12.07.04 at 05:54 PM [permalink]

I'd like to nominate XiaXue's blog for the award. ((:

posted by: /muffinqueen- on 12.07.04 at 11:00 PM [permalink]

I nominate Adrianna Tan:

posted by: Hailey on 12.08.04 at 01:21 PM [permalink]

Ok I realised someone nominated me. Well, here's my own nomination.

IZ Reloaded

posted by: IZ on 12.08.04 at 03:34 PM [permalink]

No one nominated my blog. I shall shamelessly do it myself, against all Singaporean cultural norms =)

Life At Ngee Ann

posted by: calmone on 12.08.04 at 10:33 PM [permalink]

I nominate Mr Brown for Best Singapore Blog as he is the best!

posted by: knglc on 12.09.04 at 12:11 PM [permalink]

I would like to nominate Daryl Sng's blog as the very best. It is delightful and incredibly intelligent!

posted by: Ken Lyen on 12.09.04 at 05:40 PM [permalink]

I am going to nominate a few at once (patriotically kiasu Singaporean):

Mr Miyagi's!


James Seng's (even though I understand only half the ICANN stuff he writes)

I will add some more when I think of some more.

posted by: mb on 12.09.04 at 07:08 PM [permalink]

I recommend uleyssis's livejournal.

posted by: pheobe on 12.09.04 at 10:07 PM [permalink]

sarongpartyfrens is an amusing one.

posted by: tin on 12.09.04 at 10:27 PM [permalink]

I nominate Mr Brown at

posted by: singapotter on 12.10.04 at 01:28 AM [permalink]

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