July 19, 2007

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Pork chop

The pork blight is hitting hard...but I wouldn't be racing to CUKH for an economics degree any time soon:

Economist Fred Kwan Yum-keung, an associate professor of economics and finance at the City University of Hong Kong, said higher pork prices will not generate inflation. He explained that inflation is reflected in the Consumer Price Index which is based on a basket of commodities.

Because pork is only one of the many commodities involved, a surge in pork prices will not cause the index to rise.

China's just reported an incredible 11.5% GDP growth and a large 4.4% CPI rise, but CPI ex food is only up 0.7%. If only everybody would stop eating all would be well with the numbers.

posted by Simon on 07.19.07 at 10:44 AM in the China economy category.


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With the dog food episode, the toothpaste labeled as coming from Colgate-Palmolive (which it wasn't), the shrimp and fish quasi-embargo, one would think the GDP would shrink fairly soon. Yes?

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