July 20, 2007

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Bush and SCMP

This is doing the rounds, from a PR firm promoting SCMP.com:

Bush's source for China revealed

via ESWN

And to the nice man who sent me an email offering 3 months free SCMP.com access, my point remains the same: if you hide your content behind a paywall, it's not going to get linked by me.

posted by Simon on 07.20.07 at 01:53 PM in the SCMP category.


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They offered me the same. I didn't bite. Not interested, really.

posted by: doug on 07.21.07 at 10:00 AM [permalink]

However much I dislike Pres Bush, I still found this ad to be somewhat insulting. Why are they sending this ad to Americans if they hope to get more subscribers. I'm definitely not going to get another subscription if they keep this up.

The SCMP should go the way that other normal newspapers have taken, allow some content for free and require a subscriptions for other parts like editorials.

posted by: Chris on 07.22.07 at 03:41 PM [permalink]

It's really funny ... thanks for posting this :)

posted by: hdp on 07.29.07 at 03:15 AM [permalink]


posted by: 流水线 on 08.12.07 at 12:01 PM [permalink]

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