September 01, 2006

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Class warfare is dead

In case you missed it, the spirit of Mao and his -ism is well and truly dead in today's Chinese Communist Party, according to the SCMP:

Leaders should eliminate the ideology of class struggle and not look on the masses as an enemy when dealing with the increasing number of conflicts between officials and citizens, a party school official said...In his article, Mr Wang said cadres dealing with mass gatherings should give up the ideology of "class struggle" - the friction between members or groups from different social classes. The concept was expanded by Mao Zedong , sparked off the Cultural Revolution, and was used as a powerful tool to eliminate those whose political views contradicted the government's...

Liu Xutao , a political scientist with the National School of Administration in Beijing, said the article was aimed at persuading grass-roots officials in rural areas to abandon the ideological relics of the Cultural Revolution.

"In rural areas, some officials still believe they reign supreme and take on the villagers as class-struggle targets when conflicts break out," Professor Liu said. "As building a harmonious society is the main theme of President Hu Jintao, it's necessary to dispel this wrong thinking."

Maoism's dead, long live...umm, whatever the CCP stand for these days.

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Something don't feel right.

Something canny going on when the papers in the world run the same story.

Are they informing us, or keeping us sane?

posted by: doug on 09.01.06 at 03:51 PM [permalink]

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