September 05, 2006

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Mickey gets it on

Hong Kong Disneyland is approaching its official one year anniversary*, with 5 million people trudging through the turnstiles of the park. That's well short of what was originally estimated from a park that has cost Hong Kong taxpayers billions.

One of the highlights of a visit to the magic kingdom is the street parade, where various characters cavort to Disney's greatest hits. It's a high visibility, high pressure job, and inevitably it leads to...

Four Filipino male performers have been dismissed from Hong Kong Disneyland for allegedly taking part in sexually explicit acts. Last month's incident, which happened in front of other staff, was filmed by a co-worker who anonymously passed it on to Disney...The cast members dismissed were involved in acts of a sexually indecent nature that were offensive to, or at least disturbing for, other employees," vice-president of public affairs Lo Bing-chung said. "We believe that any reasonable employer in Hong Kong would have acted the way we did."...

The four, lead performers in the daily parade, allegedly engaged in sexually explicit acts in the changing room after the parade. Three have returned to the Philippines and one is taking legal action.

That's from the SCMP. What's really amazing is the video isn't yet on YouTube. Mind you, this is the city where sex is all over the papers these days...also from the SCMP:
A 75-year-old woman who said she could not get by on her welfare payments was put on a good behaviour bond yesterday after she admitted providing sex services to a man 15 years her junior for HK$20.
There's no word if the proposed GST would have applied.

* Today also marks the 3rd anniversary of this web site. Happy birthday to it.

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