September 01, 2006

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Double standard twins

Stephen Vines hits the nail on the head over the manufactured Twins controversy:

The putrid aroma of hypocrisy hangs heavily over the furor generated by publication of compromising photos of the Twins star Gillian Chung Yan-tung in Easy Finder magazine.
Where were all those solemn media personalities clad in black to be found when far more intrusive and damaging media reports dragged the families of suicidal teenagers into the public domain? Where were their heart-rending protests against truly disgusting pictures of murder and assault victims?

If there was the smallest indication that any of these people were genuinely interested in the very real issue of invasion of privacy, it is strange that we had to wait for it to be manifest on the matter of Chung's change of clothes during a concert in Malaysia.

It's also going to be interesting to see how the Government can square the circle of a "right to privacy" only a couple of weeks after they rammed through a pervasive and invasive snooping law. Or will we now see a "rights of the week" campaign?

Worst of all, the front pages of the press will continue to show grotesque photos of car accident or murder victims. Let's see where the celebrities are then.

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A Chinese blogger brought up this (unverified because I have not seen it) morsel of information about the origins of Easy Finder. Back in 1997, Easy Finder put a photo of Governor Chris Patton's youngest daughter on the front page with a detailed contemplation of her breasts. As the blogger said, nobody was complaining then; after all, it was the perfect revenge by the Chinese against the Brits.

posted by: eswn on 09.01.06 at 03:42 PM [permalink]

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