March 14, 2006

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It's a girl's world

Say's Law in action, or the study of incentives....The Standard reproduces a WaPo report on changing status of baby girls in China from pariahs to sought-after commodity for gangs to kidnap and provide for adoption by Westerners. And while on things economic, William Pesek discusses how a yuan revaluation can lift Asia out of poverty, although the potential to destabilise China and cause economic chaos remains large, the yuan has recently weakened even in its limited float and the Chinese trade surplus shrank last month (although one month's numbers don't make a trend). It's not clear that the yuan is over-valued, protectionist frothing American senators notwithstanding.

posted by Simon on 03.14.06 at 01:41 PM in the China category.


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Uhhh Simon, I think you have everything backwards. The Yuan hasn't weakened in it's limited float, it has strengthened against the dollar. I believe the current exchange rate is 8.05 to 1. Also the complaint by American politicians is that the Yuan is undervalued not over-valued. Just what kind of Jewish banker are you anyways? :P

p.s. are you even Jewish, for some reason I seem to remember hearing you were.

posted by: Jing on 03.15.06 at 07:01 AM [permalink]

A quick (and slightly tongue-in-cheek) way to check currency valuations is to look at the Economist's annual Big Mac Index of Purchase Power Parity.

"Only a bit of fun" (as Peter Snow used to say on the BBC during election time) but it does seem to indicate that the Yuan is undervalued by 59%.

However, Lattenomics seems to say otherwise...

posted by: Mark on 03.16.06 at 10:12 PM [permalink]

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