March 14, 2006

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The cost of democracy

There are many problems with paying lip service to democracy. The just completed NPC session in Beijing is basically a set-piece gab-fest with little real news, as several journalist attendees can attest. But even dictatorships need to at least pretend they have due process and are listening to the "people's" representatitves.

Then there's the monetary cost as well. Hong Kong is going to spend a staggering HK$100 million on the 2006/7 elections. That's despite the result of the election for the Chief Executive position already know (Donald Tsang is the only serious candidate). How can it cost so much for something so meaningless? I know that's a stupid question when governments are involved, but it's both easier and cheaper to just declare the fiat accompli. If shams are so costly then let's top pretending.

posted by Simon on 03.14.06 at 08:19 AM in the Hong Kong democracy/politics category.


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That's only 13 million US. You couldn't pay for a Republican party convention with that.

posted by: ACB on 03.17.06 at 11:18 PM [permalink]

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