February 16, 2006

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Chinese Agents in US?

There was an AP report last night from Atlanta where an active Fa Lun Gong supporter had his home broken into, got beaten up, and had two laptops taken by three Asian men that apparently spoke both Korean and Mandarin. The Fa Lun Gong supporter seems to have no doubt that the perpetrators were Chinese agents.

The FBI had no comment except that they were looking into it.

The French organization Reporters without Borders claims that Chinese agents have abused Fa Lun Gong supporters in Hong Kong, South Africa and Australia, but that this was the first case reported of such a serious incident in the US.

Is this a case of Agents Chinois Sans Frontieres? Would be very bad PR for China in the US, to put it mildly, when religious freedom is a hot-button issue in the American southern states, not to mention a gross violation of the world hegemon's sovereignty. But let's see how the evidence in the case develops first.

posted by HK Dave on 02.16.06 at 10:52 AM in the China category.


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If they spoke Korean...who's to say they weren't North Korean's hired by the Chinese...but, yet they have plausible deniability in knowing about them, because they weren't really Chinese.

posted by: GZ Expat on 02.16.06 at 03:59 PM [permalink]

Quite. As I said, it would be very disturbing if it is true, but let's wait and see if the FBI can patch together what really happened. China does have several hundred thousand Koreans living in China though. The language on its own is inconclusive.

posted by: HK Dave on 02.16.06 at 04:42 PM [permalink]

As harrassed and persecuted on the mainland as the FLG is, I take some of their complaints and claims outside of there with the proverbial grain of salt. Epoch Times isn't exactly a reliable news source.
And as the father of a half-Korean boy I've been less than completely sympathetic since I read a transcript of a talk the founder Li Hongzhi gave in Australia where he stated that mixed race children "are not human beings." They don't believe in "race mixing." Kind of like the KKK or Hitler with a heart, perhaps.
This is also the same guy who also says his followers can stop speeding cars by utilizing his teachings, believes extraterrestrials are everywhere and that Africa is home to a 2-billion-year-old nuclear reactor. He also says he can fly.

posted by: Justin on 02.16.06 at 07:49 PM [permalink]

i have never met a "spiritual movement" as mad as FLG in trying to convert me to a "believer". they sent people, books (before the crackdown), paper, photos and tons of junk mails. but that is a mission impossible. how can i believe that there is a wheel inside of my belly and that the moon is a God made rubbish collection center?

comparing the attitutes of the west towards Taiping Heavenly Kingdom uprising and FLG could be interesting. the west didn't support the THK uprising even it claimed to be Christian believers and kind of sympathize and support the FLG.

the crackdown might not be the best approach to deal with the FLG heathendom, but it's no doubt that a china with FLG will be much better than a china with such a "spiritual movement"

posted by: bingfeng on 02.16.06 at 08:33 PM [permalink]

Justin and Bingfeng, believe me I am no fan of the Falungong. I merely thought it was an interesting development in the story of Chinese agents harassing FLG members outside of China's borders.

And Bingfeng, I think the Western powers were slightly open-minded towards the Taipings until they actually met them in Nanjing - they realized they were all a bunch of Hakka crackpots that were far more violent and unstable than the Qing regime.

Back to the present, I can understand why the CCP would not want to share moral authority with the FLG when they hold some of the wacky beliefs that they do. I just think (and this is unsubstantiated at present) that it would be awfully forward of them to attack FLG supporters in the United States.

posted by: HK Dave on 02.17.06 at 07:08 AM [permalink]

It's possible, but I feel it is unfair to attribute above run-ins to the Chinese government while the facts do not support such conclusion.

For example, has any of the mentioned cases confirmed the assailant's connection with the Chinese government? Has there been any warrant issued that's similar to the case where our own CIA operatives were indicted by the Italian court for kidnap and torture?

Also it is not clear if prepondrance of evidence support the accusation made by, groups and individuals with certain agenda. Are you aware that some members of the Falun Gong movement have been responsible for terrorists activities such as hijacking satillite signals and destruction of communication utilities?

One must also considered the possibility of more plausible explanations. Such as Metro Atlanta's high crime rate or Fulton County's notably higher home entry crime number? Statistics show 45% of such types of crime occur in Southern states and Fulton County has twice as many home entry crimes compared to surrounding areas. Here are the numbers:


Home invasion is so rampant in Atlanta a local television station did a multi-part special on it. Also according to a NIH paper, from June 1st to August 31, 2004, Atlanta Police Department reported nearly 100 cases of home invasion crime:


Seems in this case the serious charge is not substantiated with serious proof.

posted by: bobby fletcher on 02.21.06 at 07:29 AM [permalink]

Without talking about the merits of this case, there would be something awry if China didn't have agents in America, just as it would be incredibly odd to think America doesn't have agents in China.

posted by: Simon on 02.21.06 at 08:41 AM [permalink]

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