November 25, 2005

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No room at the inn

Hong Kong's hotels have announced they no longer expect to be full during the upcoming WTO meeting, which again calls into question how much holding this event will cost Hong Kong. The Chinese embassy in Karachi gets a faxed statement warning luxury hotels in Hong Kong and China could be attacked, to which China says, "Go ahead, make my day." Hong Kong Disneyland announces it has passed the 1 million guest mark, if they include all the warm up days, visits by contractors and government officials, people that intended to go but didn't get around to it and double counting rabid dogs and beetles.

Meanwhile things keep getting better for Hong Kong's menfolk: the proportion of married women falls thanks to a gender imbalance, improved educational attainment of women, and a rising trend of Hong Kong men marrying Mainland women.

Welcome to Fantasy Island...."the plane, the plane!"

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And don't forget to count the two health inspectors who were asked to take off their hats and badges.

posted by: LfC on 11.25.05 at 11:48 AM [permalink]

I got skunked trying to find a hotel for next weekend...We want to get in to visit Santa before Christmas. It fell on the 3rd hotel and the room I got wasn't the first choice. They may not be full...but it is getting awfully tight.

posted by: GZ Expat on 11.25.05 at 12:59 PM [permalink]

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