July 15, 2005

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Boring Disneyland

The Beetles are taking over Hong Kong Disneyland. And it's not the Fab Four.

The SCMP reports wood-munching beetles have infested rooms in the not-yet-opened Disneyland hotel.

The bugs reportedly have been found in more than 100 rooms in the Disneyland hotel during the past two months, eating through television cabinets, wooden beds and coffee tables. It is understood furniture has been stripped from rooms and replaced ahead of the September 12 grand opening.

It is suspected the beetles were introduced to the 400-room hotel after burrowing into some of the furniture, imported from various mainland suppliers.

The species has not been identified but the chief suspect is the Asian long-horned beetle, a wood-eating insect exported in mainland shipments that has infested many countries, including the US.

The mainland invasion of Hong Kong Disneyland has begun.

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