November 10, 2005

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Factoid of the day

Gleaned from a piece of research that came across my desk today:

If Evian water were sold in (oil) barrels, it would go for around US$500 a barrel. West Texas Intermediate crude oil closed at US$58.93 a barrel.

Taking it further, beer goes for HK$10 per 375ml bottle*,which equates to US$544 an oil barrel. Take a bottle of reasonable Aussie red, retailing at HK$110 per 750ml bottle**, that makes US$2,989 per barrel. The outrage isn't that oil is so expensive, it's that alcohol is!

At 46 times the cost of a barrel of oil, no wonder he's smiling


I used US$1 = HK$7.8 and 158.97 litres per oil barrel.

*In supermarkets. In LKF it goes for HK$50 (or US$2,720 a barrel), which explains why Allan Zeman is always smiling.
**No wine or beer was consumed in the making of this post, but it may well be consumed after it.

posted by Simon on 11.10.05 at 05:03 PM in the QotD category.


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Water Beats Oil
Excerpt: The price of petroleum, adjusted for inflation, is still remarkably low in historical context. What is more, Simon World in Hong Kong shows why oil price is really ridiculously low compared to... water!
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Along the same lines, some wonderbrain did a comparison between movies and videogames. He took the average price per minute of a Hollywood studio production times the average amount of time that someone spends playing a videogame and decided that if games cost the same to make as movies, they would cost $13 billion US each. I'm sure that knowing this makes me a better person but not quite sure how.

posted by: Spike on 11.10.05 at 11:26 PM [permalink]

I was in Vevey recently, a small town south of Lausanne in Suisse, across the lake from the town of Evian. The best thing about Vevey (besides the mountains and the lake and pain au chocolait) was that when you turned the taps on to drink water, it was Evian mineral water that came out.

posted by: frances on 11.11.05 at 08:10 AM [permalink]

Oh pooh frances, that's nothing. In Hong Kong when I turn on the taps not only does water from Hong Kong and somewhere else foreign run out but it is tea-coloured and therefore saves buying Lipton's muck.

Besides, chez gunlaw uses 15 cubic metres (3,300 imperial gallons to the peasants) of alleged water monthly at a cost of HK$60. That therefore means that alleged water costs the same as petrol before price gouging, assorted rip-offs and 600% tax- check your credit card slip.

posted by: gunlaw on 11.14.05 at 02:32 PM [permalink]

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