October 21, 2005

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Un-intelligent design

Thought for the week: If the intelligent design crowd are right, why are we so badly designed? They could have at least included a cup-holder.

posted by Simon on 10.21.05 at 02:07 PM in the Personal category.


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Err ... it's called a hand :)

posted by: David on 10.21.05 at 03:28 PM [permalink]

The ID guy should have given us two wheels.

like this guy

posted by: sunbin on 10.21.05 at 03:44 PM [permalink]

A full-size spare, drivetrain warranty, and an ejection seat would have been nice too. I'm not PO'd though, I got my base model at a really great price - end of the model year and all.

posted by: shank on 10.21.05 at 09:02 PM [permalink]

Hi Simon,

Send me an email - tried to send one to you and it was rejected as spam :o(


Thanks !

posted by: mark safranski on 10.24.05 at 05:51 AM [permalink]

*cough*value judgement*cough*

posted by: just passing through on 10.24.05 at 02:17 PM [permalink]

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