October 21, 2005

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Daily linklets 21st October

The 'not a lot' edition...

posted by Simon on 10.21.05 at 12:22 PM in the Daily linklets category.


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I hope you were being sarcastic when citing the People's Daily as giving the "true figure." Forgive my skepticism, but I'm more inclined to believe the DOD, RAND, etc.
I just posted on this whole thing with my take on it all. Thoughts?

posted by: MeiZhongTai on 10.22.05 at 12:24 AM [permalink]

Yes, it was meant to be sarcastic.

posted by: Simon on 10.22.05 at 12:18 PM [permalink]

Just checking

posted by: MeiZhongTai on 10.22.05 at 01:47 PM [permalink]

Not sure if this has been covered in the past,

This is perhaps the more sensible discussion about the topic of 'not a lot'.

posted by: sun bin on 10.23.05 at 02:15 AM [permalink]

and this one


posted by: sunbin on 10.23.05 at 02:22 AM [permalink]

"Jonathan Joffe-Walt" ??

posted by: richard on 10.23.05 at 08:38 PM [permalink]

Can Mr Anti's translation blog:
become ESWN II?

(via SB's blog)

posted by: LfC on 10.23.05 at 11:11 PM [permalink]

or "Benjamin Watts" :)

I tend to think that was intentional :). But "Ian Joffe-Walt" is better. Jonathan was really on vacation.

Seems Anti focuses on some ('less known')aspects of the academic circle, and his coverage would not be as extensive as ESWN.

posted by: sun bin on 10.24.05 at 04:02 AM [permalink]

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