October 13, 2005

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While not lambasting George Bush and Harriet Miers, I've been reading feminist troddle. Surrounded by feminist troddle. Feminist troddle so bad it made one reader comment

Gawd. I'd rather amputate a finger than read that garbage

So in the interest of equality, in the interest of moving SimonWorld from #2 to #1 for the Korean Babes search, increasing SW traffic, engaging in type type of post I'm apparently known for, and self-promoting, and promoting peace throughout the Continent, I present

Asia by Girls

posted by Dan tdaxp on 10.13.05 at 01:10 PM in the


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It's a close call, but my vote goes for Thailand.

posted by: Curzon on 10.13.05 at 01:17 PM [permalink]

So, does it matter if they are 13 years old, guys? Or do you not give a toss about such feminist twaddle?

posted by: Justice on 10.13.05 at 01:37 PM [permalink]

Well, 13 years old is the legal age in Japan...

And as for that Malay chic, those are NOT 13yo breasts.

posted by: Curzon on 10.13.05 at 01:44 PM [permalink]

Dan, I can only defend you for the top photo. I still think that album (true color) is the best among what I have seen from Taiwan. It's pity that you didn't post the my favorites from the album, 1, 2, 3

Lin Chiling in the same folder is just a village girl compared with the Guo Jingchun.

encouraged by you, I am posting best one I think from the mainland China...You can safely click the link with your boss, and your boss will forgive you once he sees the photos and the title of my post.

posted by: lin on 10.13.05 at 03:22 PM [permalink]


Thank you for the tasteful, if theoretically safe-for-work, art. Pictures 3 and 4 look extremely artist -- they remind me of the paintings of Jia Lu.

posted by: Dan tdaxp on 10.13.05 at 09:34 PM [permalink]

Ah, Curzon,
You are wrong about 13 being the legal age in Japan. Also, did you know that Japan has (statistically, at least) the highest proportion of paedophiles in the world? Also, I am interested to know how you have become an expert on the size of 13 year olds' breasts. Finally, I do work with children and women who have been victimised by the sex trade in Asia, and their experiences are no joking matter.

As for posting pictures of scantily clad women, well, if these are personal statements about freedom of expression, I suggest investigation other causes more worthy.

On the aesthetics front, they all look pretty nice to me. But so what?

Feminists, by the way, both have done and do good work for the world, and really are not concerned about teenager's wanting to advertise their fantasies on the net, or about other catogories of sexually frustrated bloggers, or about bloggers who think they are being terribly provocative by posting photos of nude females, so long as those men remember, especially in the Asian context, that girls and women are worthy of respect for more than how they look or their virginal status.

posted by: Justice on 10.14.05 at 12:37 PM [permalink]

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