October 05, 2005

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Calling for guest bloggers

Through a monumental co-incidence, both my excellent co-blogger Dave and I will be unable to post to the blog from this coming Monday for the next week. If you are interested in taking on a guest blogging slot from next Monday until next Sunday, please send me an email or leave a comment here. You've got until noon Friday Hong Kong time.

The last time I tried this it was extremely successful, and if any of the previous guest bloggers would like to take up the reigns, let me know.

posted by Simon on 10.05.05 at 06:52 PM in the Site Stuff category.


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I've been waiting for an excuse to get back into the game, so this looks as good of an opportunity as I'll get in this world. I've been stuck in grad school IR coursework, and I've got a midterm break coming next week from my day job.

Can I cross-post to my blog?

posted by: Infidel on 10.05.05 at 09:24 PM [permalink]

I highly recommend you email Martyn at Peking Duck, he is such an excellent blogger, he could do no wrong

posted by: RJT on 10.06.05 at 07:03 AM [permalink]


I suggest See Lai.

posted by: fumier on 10.06.05 at 10:40 AM [permalink]


Like Infidel I'm in the netherworld of IR grad school, but I'd be delighted to write a few posts.

posted by: Dan tdaxp on 10.06.05 at 12:52 PM [permalink]

Excellent Dan. Your login and passwords are the same as before.

Last time you made me a top Google result for "Korean babes". I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do this time!

posted by: Simon on 10.06.05 at 12:54 PM [permalink]

Hey Simon -

I don't know if a lowly 22 year old blogger in Beijing can muster enough intellectual might to be a guest on your site, but perhaps you could browse a few seconds on my turf to see if I've got the "Right Stuff"?

posted by: Austin Arensberg on 10.06.05 at 08:15 PM [permalink]

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