July 03, 2005

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Sexless in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang has exhorted Hong Kongers to be fruitful and multiply as part of his three child policy. Today's SCMP might have found the problem:

Growing numbers of people are seeking help from the Family Planning Association because they do not know how to have sex. Grace Wong Ching-yin, who heads the fertility service, said: "Some married couples are not familiar with their body parts. They don't know where their sex organs are."

Dr Wong said there were some couples who did not know the procedures involved in sexual intercourse. "They do not know the physical changes associated with sexual response, like males having erections."

I see a silver lining in this cloud. Sex education APIs* on Hong Kong TV and radio...a marked improvement on what we get now.

* Announcements of Public Interest: the paternalistic and asinine Government paid advertisements exhorting us to check our elderly parents' teeth.

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Maybe they should start going to Fenwicks...

posted by: Yobbo on 07.05.05 at 03:45 AM [permalink]

Wouldn't know what you're talking about, old boy.

posted by: Simon on 07.05.05 at 12:35 PM [permalink]

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