January 07, 2005

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Stay tuned

Asia Blog Awards 2004 results will be posted this weekend.

There should be a new Asia by Blog by Monday.

On an admin note, I've had to shut off comments on all posts that are older than 30 days old. Most comments on those posts were from members of the pharmacetical or adult entertainment industries. This being a digital age I cannot use these comments to wipe my bottom after certain movements. Their value thus another victim of digitisation, I have decided to experiment with not having to deal with them at all.

And if you're wondering who those three handsome men wondering around Wanchai Computer Centre tomorrow afternoon, that'd be me, him and him. Autographs to those that recognise us.

Update: Two more admin things. I've corrected the link for my Amazon wishlist (gifts in all price ranges!). Secondly I've changed my excerpts to only capture the first 100 words of each post. While I recognise RSS readers are becoming more popular, at the same time I want people to come to my site rather than all of my site just going to them. If you want to read the post you should visit the site - that way I can track it and if I so choose monetise it in the form of ads. Not that we've reached that point, yet. 100 words should be enough to give a taste of most posts. If the RSS crowd are unhappy please feel free to tell me why I should revert to displaying full posts. But I need better reasons than "that's how I read blogs". The only reward I get for doing this is readership and RSS readers don't show up as readers. Consider these excerpts teasers to draw you back to the site, rather than letting you read the posts for "free". It's a very small price to pay: precisely one mouse click. [see the comments]

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Cool! Look out for me, I'm usually standing on the corner of Lockhart Road, under the bridge.

posted by: Spirit Fingers on 01.07.05 at 10:32 PM [permalink]

I don't mind clickin ya off of the newsfeed. I did have a problem with getting here though. The url reported through your RSS is wrong for the post so I ended up 404. Fix that and I'll be happy as a pig in poop.

posted by: Jim on 01.07.05 at 11:16 PM [permalink]

I've spent the last two days fighting off a particularly persistent specimen of a particularly perverse niche of the adult entertainment industry.

In the process of taking countermeasures, I've tried no less than three plugins in six hours to no avail.

Finally I have one that reduces those spam comments to a trickle, which I have to dispose off using bayonets.

And I'm doing all this stuff instead of standing under the bridge !

posted by: Simon on 01.08.05 at 01:04 PM [permalink]

Not quite sure how my comment above got attributed to Simon. Wierd.

posted by: Nitin on 01.08.05 at 01:05 PM [permalink]

Well, I'm afraid that for me RSS readers offer a lot more than just the ability to read blogs. I use a service called bloglines, which allow s me to not only quickly read blogs (and I monitor 200 of them) but also to classify interesting posts, put the best ones on my clip blog, save other posts for later, etc. That's real value added for me, and if you are only going to publish 100 word summaries, I'm afraid that the inconvenience factor (especially since your blog pages are sometimes unavailable and not infrequently slow) I'm going to unsubscribe. I do it with some disappointment (because I do enjoy reading your blog).

I must furthe admit being a little surprised by your decision. It is easy to track RSS readers (for example, just include a fetched image in each entry and count the number of times it is requested) and you don't currently have advertising. Should you choose to add it in the future, you could face the decision then of whether to support RSS readers or not.

Thanks so much for your blog up until now, and I wish you all the best in the future.

posted by: Anonymous User on 01.09.05 at 09:59 AM [permalink]

Anonymous user:

Thanks for that. I have to say I actually forgot that those trapped behind the great Firewall often use readers to access blogs. On tracking RSS readers, the image idea will only slow page loads even more, so I'm not sure that's a solution.

I've reset the excerpts to show full posts again. My point remains that it is difficult for bloggers to track their full readership if many are using RSS readers...and readership is the lifeblood of a blog.

Thanks again for your comments.

posted by: Simon on 01.09.05 at 10:30 AM [permalink]


One comment about your RSS feed: The feed reader I use (Feed on feeds) can't parse your feed. I don't have any problem with other feeds - but yours seems to cause it problems.

The feed validator also complains:

posted by: David on 01.10.05 at 04:09 PM [permalink]

I've had that problem before. It seems to occur because certain Trackback URLs don't agree with the parsers; so when I do an Asia by Blog, for example, it tends to happen. In this case it's stuck on a trackback to Dai Tou Laam. The only solution is to delete links to those posts, but I don't want to do that. I'm not sure what other solutions exist.

posted by: Simon on 01.10.05 at 04:18 PM [permalink]

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