January 04, 2005

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Asia Blog Awards - Voting has Closed

Voting has closed in the Asian Blog Awards. Results should be posted by January 8th.

I have removed the link to the poll itself. If you retained the link you will find you can still vote. However I have printed the official master list of results. All votes after this time will be disregarded. Once results are posted I will close the poll link down completely.

Thanks again to all who participated. Stay tuned for results...

posted by Simon on 01.04.05 at 09:23 PM in the Asia Blog Awards 2004 category.


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Simon. Thanks for running the contest. I discovered quite a new reads through it. Actually, I would appreciate it if you could keep a list of the nominees open for a bit longer so I can blogroll before it vanishes. The hate mail Mia and Spirit Fingers received is unforgivable. On a more positive note, in S'pore we were actually inspired enough organize brunch.

posted by: myrick on 01.06.05 at 01:47 AM [permalink]

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