January 04, 2005

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Tsunami surfing

Blogs are proving a great tool in covering the tsunami story. Aggregating news, punditry, thoughts on relief efforts, first hand accounts, all far more interesting than most major media reporting.

Tim Blair says the confirmed death toll is almost 145,000 and climbing. The Diplomad has a first-hand look at the comparitive relief efforts of the UN and the Aussie/US-lead ad hoc team, with the WFP team making sure the kitchen is working 24 hours a day...for them. NZ Bear follows the trade not aid argument with a practical suggestion: buy something from the affected countries. An even better idea: start planning your next holiday in Phuket or Galle. What these places need is the tourism that was often their lifeblood. India Uncut is full of interesting dispatches, for example this one looking at levels of public aid. Ann Althouse has looked at the logistics of the aid effort. Arthur Chrenkoff has a roundup with plenty of good links too.

I've already mentioned the Tsunami Help blog. The Command Post have also a comprehensive directory of ways to assist and plenty of news at the Global Recon section.

There is great potential for a bigger combined blogosphere effort to help in the longer term. Something like Spirit of America or Operation Give for the worse hit countries. This is something bloggers, particularly Asia-based ones, to get pro-active in helping. Anyone prepared to join me?

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