December 31, 2004

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Asia Blog Awards 2004: Voting

Note: This post will remain at the top until the end of voting on December 31st. Please scroll down for new posts.

The voting has begun...

Important stuff

  • You can only vote once per day across all the in each category. Please choose carefully. Update: my mistake. You can vote in each of the categories once per day. Sorry for the confusion.
  • Please look at all the nominees before voting.
  • Voting closes on December 31st.
  • Voting is monitored for cheating. IP addresses are recorded.

Update 12/15: Please see this. The polls will no loner be altered. No more withdrawals or new nominees. Sorry.

Update 12/16: I've found a way to edit polls without losing the votes. I have fixed the URLs for unfolded origami and Cranial cavity in the Best Designed section, and corrected the spelling of Scott Sommers. If there are any more problems please let me know ASAP as from 12/17 I will no longer alter any polls.


More about the vote

  • The introduction and nomination master post can be found here. Thank you to everyone who linked, commented, emailed, offered help and nominated.
  • There are some categories that still have open slots:
    1. Best Diary/Journal
    2. Best Political Blog
    3. Best Foreign (non-Asian) Blog
    4. Best Design
    5. Best Essayist
    6. Best Thai Blog
    7. Best Taiwan Blog
    8. Best Central Asia Blog
    9. Best Vietnam Blog
    I will continue to accept nominations for these categories up until Friday 17th December. Please email them to me at simon-[at]-simonworld-[dot]-mu-[dot]-nu with the blog name and URL, plus which category you are nominating it in.
  • Some nominations were emailed directly to me. If your blog appears and you don't want it to be in the voting please email me ASAP.
  • There are a maximum of 10 slots per category. In some categories there were far more nominations than slots. I based finalists on the number of nominations, their content and their direct relevence to the category. I limited blogs to 2 categories at most.
  • Once the voting has finished I hope to post a copy of all nominations (and other Asian blogs off my rolls) in each category.
  • I've combined the single Sri Lankan entry under the Bangladesh category into a single Bangladesh/Sri Lanka category.
  • I've allowed my blog to be entered into the Best Design section. It was nominated and it is rewarding the work of the site designer, not me.

Thanks again to everyone who has participated. Please check out all the finalists - you will find some great blogs out there in Asia.

You can check out the Best Blogs in Asia directory for more Asian blogs.

The Australian Blog Awards are also underway, as are the Indian version.

posted by Simon on 12.31.04 at 11:59 PM in the Asia Blog Awards 2004 category.


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Thanks for keeping it going and doing such a good job. I suppose I must get round to voting!

posted by: Phil on 12.14.04 at 07:19 PM [permalink]


posted by: Chase on 12.15.04 at 08:53 AM [permalink]

I tried to vote, but I got this:

We are experiencing some technical difficulties. We will be back shortly.

Thank you
-The Technical Team


posted by: Ron on 12.15.04 at 09:52 AM [permalink]

Seems to be working for me, Ron. Try again and let me know if it works.

posted by: Simon on 12.15.04 at 10:01 AM [permalink]

How come Hemlock didn't even get nominated for funniest blog? I was just looking for him in that section so I could cast my vote. Maybe I should have paid more attention to the process and nominated him myself, rather than asume that about a thousand other people would have done it for me!

posted by: fumier on 12.15.04 at 11:32 AM [permalink]

It is working for me now Simon and I already voted.


posted by: Ron on 12.15.04 at 01:47 PM [permalink]

Good luck with this Awards!

I reckon it's tough job as it is, and to run 'em during the busy month of December takes dedication.

posted by: Eshin on 12.15.04 at 03:03 PM [permalink]

What gives? I had at least 7 votes a few hours ago and now I have 1?! Seriously, what is going on?

posted by: Adamu on 12.15.04 at 06:45 PM [permalink]

Adamu, this might explain. Very sorry.

posted by: Simon on 12.15.04 at 06:55 PM [permalink]

I vote for Pok Ku at Di Bawah Rang Ikang Kering (

posted by: Tengku Sheril on 12.15.04 at 07:05 PM [permalink]

I vote for Pok Ku at Di Bawah Rang Ikang Kering (

posted by: May on 12.15.04 at 11:33 PM [permalink]

For Best Designed blog my web site name is spelled wrong (you added an extra e and an extra r) and the link is incorrect on the vote page. (it should be I also noticed that cranialcavity's link is incorrect also (you've got quotation marks in the href). Shouldn't the links to the pages at least be correct?

posted by: Kevin on 12.16.04 at 12:59 AM [permalink]

i vote - Pok Ku

posted by: napaloh on 12.16.04 at 11:12 AM [permalink]

You may want to check your voting (Bravenet) page. It still contains the following at the top:

"You can vote once in only a single category each day."

Thanks for all your efforts with this years awards.

posted by: Marc on 12.17.04 at 04:45 AM [permalink]

Simon, just wondering why was not a finalist in Best Malaysian Blog though it was nominated?

posted by: Ewok on 12.17.04 at 07:27 PM [permalink]

Last week (before the nominations closed), I tried to nominate Fazu of for Best Malaysian Blog, my commnet didn't *register* why was that? And nwo it is too late!!! UGH

posted by: Lisa on 12.17.04 at 09:31 PM [permalink]

Hey Simon, it's cool that I was nominated, but how did that happen? And at the last minute? And here I've been telling everyone to vote for Pok Ku..hehe.

posted by: Jordan MacVay on 12.18.04 at 12:22 AM [permalink]

Mr. Simon. With the credentials of a READER[ you know how important is that!] I strongly recommend that you reconsider Gongkapas Times for you finalist list.[I seek to say so because you say that you believe in 'second & third & fourth...chances]
Well Gongkapas truly deseves a double take in the Best diary/ journal category.

posted by: mona s rahman on 12.18.04 at 07:49 PM [permalink]

Mr. Simon. With the credentials of a READER[ you know how important is that!] I strongly recommend that you reconsider Gongkapas Times for you finalist list.[I seek to say so because you say that you believe in 'second & third & fourth...chances]
Well Gongkapas truly deserves a double take in the Best diary/ journal category.

posted by: mona s rahman on 12.18.04 at 07:49 PM [permalink]

I vote for Pok Ku

posted by: Jackie on 12.23.04 at 03:40 PM [permalink]

Hi Simon,
I just found out that my blog "...not a weBlog" ( got nominated under best malaysian blog. Would just like to bring to your attention the mistake on the link to my page : there is a double "http http" resulting in a dead link. Hope you will ammend it. Thanks

posted by: vincent on 12.24.04 at 01:56 AM [permalink]

One of the candidates is missing:

posted by: Born Free on 12.24.04 at 04:14 AM [permalink]

[frustrated]Simon, next time you hold the awards it might be a good idea to delegate to somebody if you go away for most of the voting duration. Because I'm at my wit's end here that's all. And it's not a good place to be on Xmas eve.[/frustrated]

posted by: Spirit Fingers on 12.24.04 at 11:16 AM [permalink]

I vote for Pok Ku

posted by: Jackie on 12.24.04 at 02:32 PM [permalink]

I vote Pok Ku.

posted by: Jackie on 12.30.04 at 01:27 AM [permalink]

I vote for Pok Ku

posted by: Jackie on 12.30.04 at 06:17 PM [permalink]

hello, thanks for nominatiing me , but please correct the URL

not Medyadaili !!

Thanks !

posted by: medya on 01.01.05 at 08:15 AM [permalink]

I vote for Pok Ku.

posted by: Jackie on 01.03.05 at 11:59 PM [permalink]

I vote Pok Ku.

posted by: Jackie on 01.04.05 at 05:03 PM [permalink]

Seriously, what is this vote Pok Ku stuff? What are you, new? Vote inside like all the normal people. Sheesh.

posted by: Spirit Fingers on 01.04.05 at 05:52 PM [permalink]

Oh, seriously, I vote where and when i get the chance for Pok Ku. I mean, have ya not read any of his blogs. By the way.....I vote for Pok Ku.

posted by: Jackie on 01.05.05 at 06:06 AM [permalink]

I don't vote for Pok Ku.

posted by: Gilles Maurois on 01.07.05 at 10:00 PM [permalink]

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