December 01, 2002

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Best Asian Newcomer in 2004

These are the results:

Total votes: 1894

1. Parallel Universes - 721 votes
2. Spirit Fingers - 490 votes
3. What Not to do in Asia - 169 votes

Other finalists:

Glory glory Tottenham Hotsblog
My Burmese Life
Expat at Large
Imtiaz's weBlog
Full Throttle
Why is the platypus


posted by Simon on 12.01.02 at 02:10 PM in the Asia Blog Awards 2004 category.


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My vote for Best Newcomer ......


posted by: Mia on 12.01.04 at 09:09 PM [permalink]

IZ Reloaded for best newcomer

posted by: Julina Tien on 12.02.04 at 05:20 AM [permalink]

My vote for Best Newcomer ......

Facepalm (Give Me Spirit Fingers)

posted by: Turbosloth on 12.03.04 at 09:54 AM [permalink]

Full Throttle

In the Draft and Filling Your Mirror.

posted by: Marc on 12.05.04 at 05:19 PM [permalink]

i'm going to have to nominate myself for this as everyone else is as usefull as the wetspot on my sheets...


posted by: E@L on 12.06.04 at 01:04 AM [permalink]

posted by: dotcomUNDERGROUND on 12.06.04 at 06:40 AM [permalink]

I humbly nominate Sepia Mutiny. Dark and unbalanced commentary on all things South Asian, now with snark and wit. As for its "newcomer" status, it's only a few months old!


posted by: A N N A on 12.06.04 at 12:48 PM [permalink]

My vote for Best Newcomer ......

Facepalm (Give Me Spirit Fingers)

posted by: aaron on 12.06.04 at 01:54 PM [permalink]

I recommend myself. Please have a look.
Thank You

posted by: Rachel on 12.07.04 at 12:11 AM [permalink]

Well, there isn;t a category for Burma.. so I am putting this blog here

posted by: preetam rai on 12.07.04 at 05:21 PM [permalink]

Doing this for under a year counts as a newcomer, right? I'll nominate myself in that case. You already know about my site, Simon, but for those who don't: I translate articles from Japanese news sites that otherwise wouldn't make it into the English language. You can compare me to semen all you want, but without me who would have known about Hideki Matsui's steamy romance with Sakai Miki??

posted by: Adamu on 12.08.04 at 05:48 AM [permalink]

Ok I realised someone nominated me. Well, here's my own nomination.

IZ Reloaded

posted by: IZ on 12.08.04 at 03:32 PM [permalink]

I should like to nominate for best newcomer 2004 spot.

Good luck moosh,

Derek Bacon

posted by: Derek Bacon on 12.08.04 at 06:42 PM [permalink]

Hey I'll nominate myself for this one too! That's METANOIAC! and the address is

I also nominate Yellowfrog by Charles at and Mike's No Star Where at

posted by: Matt Waters on 12.08.04 at 10:20 PM [permalink]

I nominate the Black and White Blog for its originality and special theme - nightlife.

posted by: Ronnie on 12.08.04 at 10:54 PM [permalink]

I'll nominate my blog - Glory Glory Tottenham Hotsblog. I know I am not going to win it, but it is good just to participate.

posted by: James on 12.08.04 at 10:58 PM [permalink]

I nominate Dr Emer's PARALLEL UNIVERSES from the Philippines. Very informative and a real pioneer.

Check it out:

posted by: Jane on 12.09.04 at 12:21 AM [permalink]

see for yourselves - only a few months in but already big in, erm, Jaffna...

posted by: Fred on 12.09.04 at 01:53 AM [permalink]

That's Extra Extra, from Jaffna, Sri Lanka, at

posted by: Fred on 12.09.04 at 02:00 AM [permalink]

I'll nominate What Not To Do In Asia- he's only be going a few months and his hit a stride dead quickly.

posted by: on 12.09.04 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

I second the nomination for Gimme spirit fingers dammit!!

posted by: Gwhale on 12.09.04 at 09:47 AM [permalink]

i nominate ToiLaNguoi

posted by: David on 12.09.04 at 11:42 AM [permalink]

I am nominating Parallel Universes by Dr. Emer for Best Asian Newcomer for 2004. He is the only doctor I know who blogs here in Manila Philippines. He helps people know more about health and diseases.

Please include him. Thanks!

posted by: Marlon Caraos on 12.10.04 at 02:49 AM [permalink]

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