December 01, 2002

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Best Vietnam Blog

There are the results:

Total votes: 529

1. No Star Where - 158 votes
2. Our Man in Hanoi - 139 votes
3. Toi La Nguoi - 81 votes

Other finalists:

Noodle Pie


posted by Simon on 12.01.02 at 02:09 PM in the Asia Blog Awards 2004 category.


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Well I'd like to nominate myself but that would be dishonest considering the great job NoodlePie does at blogging the Saigon food scene.

Therefore I nominate NoodlePie but hey, if you're bored, stop by No Star Where.

posted by: Mike on 12.07.04 at 04:30 PM [permalink]

I will nominate Mike, the one and only Buffalo, for his blog No Star Where at

posted by: Matt Waters on 12.08.04 at 09:58 PM [permalink]

american-born vietnamese living in Saigon

posted by: David on 12.09.04 at 11:33 AM [permalink]

forgot the name...

i nominate ToiLaNguoi

posted by: David on 12.09.04 at 11:45 AM [permalink]

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