November 08, 2004

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All's fair

The depravity and special madness that is infactuation with Hello Kitty has reached an all time low in Hong Kong. The SCMP reports the theft of 250 Hello Kitty stickers attached to advertisements for 7-Eleven stores from MTR (train) stations right across Hong Kong. Officials from 7-Eleven have declined to press charges, no doubt because the adverse publicity. Which is fine - I'm prepared to make citizen's arrests if I ever see such a disgrace. We really need to cure this city of its collective insanity when it comes to this marketing gimmick before social order collapses completely. I am hoping my lobbying of the HK Government to introduce "Kitty free zones" in the city will pay dividends soon, although judging by the collection of stuffed toys on the bureaucrat's window-sill, my chances are slim.

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