November 08, 2004

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Asia by Blog

Asia by Blog is a twice weekly feature, posted on Monday and Thursday, providing links to Asian blogs and their views on the news in this fascinating region. Please send me an email if you would like to be notified of new editions. Previous editions can be found here.

This edition contains China's petitions system, simulated nukes for North Korea, energy security for the Middle Kingdom, the many seasons of China, Japan's bursting prisons, Japan's working girls, Singapore's new security efforts and a sandwich you need to see to believe, plus plenty more...

Hong Kong, China and Taiwan

Korea and Japan

  • The China/Japan rivalry is the real threat to Asian security, according to Fabian. While the two are clearly rivals, they also depend upon each other far more (especially economically) than the antagonists in the previous Cold War. Also a look at US troops in Japan and their affect on China and the region.
  • Infidel looks at the debate over South Korea's National Security Law.
  • When he's not busy ruling with an iron fist, Kim Jong-Il likes to blog. It may not last long: South Korea is moving to block many pro-North websites.
  • South Korea has found a new place to search for minerals: the North.
  • Japan, famous for its low crime rate, finds its prisons are over-crowded. Although with only 61,500 odd prisoners out of a population of 127.3 million, the reputation is intact.
  • America has simulated dropping 30 nukes on the North. By my estimates, that would leave exactly nothing to actually invade, while nicely wiping out the millions of impoverished North Koreans. Mutually Assured Destruction.
  • South Korea's Government is trying to work out what to call North Korean escapees. NKZone has a look about why these "economic migrants" are desperately trying to escape. The recent court-martial of Robert Jenkins also provides an insight into living in NK.
  • Japan's working girls work on getting a-head.
  • Japan's people are behind PM Koizumi in staying firm on its Iraq policy.
  • Those popular gluttony contests don't always end with just a full stomach.

SE and Other Asia


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Hey, it's Adamu. I think you meant to link to my site (about the prisons) but instead linked to the Japanese language article. Just wanted to give you a heads up!

posted by: Adamu on 11.09.04 at 10:30 AM [permalink]

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