November 05, 2004

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Madness across the Straits

Taiwan is one interesting place. Existing in a diplomatic limbo-land, where it can't even be sure if it has ties with Vanuatu, with a menacing and huge neighbour who claims it is a province and not an independent nation, it's going to send people a little crazy. Add in a Presidential election that was decided by 0.2% of the vote after an attempted assassination attempt on the incumbent and a flurry of lawsuits from the losing team, it gets crazier still. Thankfully Taiwan's High Court has decided the opposition's lawsuits have no merit. What's disturbing is KMT (the Taiwan opposition) chairman Lien Chan said, according to the Taipei Times:

Anyone has the right to murder the president if the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) loses its High Court Lawsuit today, KMT chairman Lien Chan told a meeting to the KMT Central Standing Committee yesterday...Lien said: "No one is so great that people cannot touch him. As long as we see anyone who makes frauds or unlawful actions, every one could put this guy to death."
I don't know about Taiwan's laws on sedition and treason, but inciting people to murder the President would seem reasonable grounds for a trial. Very reasonable grounds.

Still, in a country where a man can jump into a lion's den and try and convert the beasts to Christianity (again via MM), such craziness may be par for the course. The man jumped in saying "Jesus will save you...Come and bite me!" Thankfully one of the lions obliged. Lien Chan needs a session in the den, too.

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Nothing surprises me from a country whose politicians break out into mass fist- or shoe-fights during parliamentary sessions.

posted by: Fabian on 11.05.04 at 10:47 AM [permalink]

The man is a complete fruitcake. I hate to think what'd have happened to Taiwan if he'd actually won the election.

I think the DPP are probably enjoying watch him make the KMT less and less electable, so will happily let him continue to embarass himself (and Taiwan). Anyway Pres. Chen is too busy sueing 2 KMT legislators who claimed that he sexually molested the ex-president of Panama (and then paid her US$1million to hush it up) ...

Incidentally, the court has only thrown out 1 of the 2 lawsuits that the KMT submitted (the other is still ongoing), and it's pretty certain that they'll appeal this ruling to the supreme courts, so the circus will continue for another month or two.

posted by: David on 11.05.04 at 02:43 PM [permalink]

Taiwan should just return to China and stop being a renegade!

posted by: kosmos on 11.05.04 at 11:38 PM [permalink]

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