November 08, 2004

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Hangover cure

What do you get when you mix clever marketing, packaging, a catchy name, a pill to fix a self-induced problem and the end to the dreaded hangover? KGB dietary supplements. Developed, alledgedly, by a St. Petersburg Military Medical Academy, the marketers have developed a back-story that the powder was used by KGB agents to relieve the effects of big drinking so they could extract secrets.

The SCMP thought this such an important story they devoted a full quarter page 7 column spread on the product, including photo and breakout box with some information gleaned from the same article I found by a quick Googling this morning. Has the paper fallen on such hard times that it has to get its reporters to write non-paid advertisements? Apparently so.

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According to that article, "Over 1.5 million packs have already been shipped to Sweden."

Based on my 4 years in Sweden, all I have to say is this: Right, that shipment will get the population of Stockholm through a single Saturday morning. Then what?

posted by: Helen on 11.08.04 at 04:54 PM [permalink]

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