October 18, 2004

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Asia by Blog

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This edition contains Asian "tigers", an unreported incident in Beijing, teaching China about Michael Moore, map games, the "Anwar" thing and plenty more.

Hong Kong, China and Taiwan

  • Blood, oil, money, the UN...and it's not Iraq.

  • Hong Kong's fun parks, public subsidies and toxic waste.

  • See Gweilos in their natural habitat.

  • ESWN has the story of a suicide bomber in Sichuan.

  • China: where the name game's @

  • ACB has an interesting look at student suicide in China. Joe looks at suicide in Japan as well.

  • Keep watching the sky.

  • China's brainwashing gulag for Falun Gong members.

  • Tibet's government in exile is p!ssed off...because of a beauty contest.

  • Kevin (when are you going to add me to that blogroll?) pointed me to this little known incident in Beijing recently, with international implications. Read it...very funny.

  • To get a credit card in China don't worry about your financial history.

  • All is not well in Chinese football.

  • After my own guide on HK taxis, Batgung helpfully provides a guide to mini-busses.

  • Nathan says "Communist" China is outdoing America.

  • Infidel has thoughts on battling China's internet firewall and points to another posting on the subject. Both he and Andres have a request for all bloggers (mine's now set at 999 words, which is the maximum MT allows).

  • Beijing is sending peacekeepers to Haiti, in America's backyard. The world's changed.

  • Educating Chinese about Michael Moore, one person at a time.

  • China and Russia sorted out where their border is, but don't want people to know.
  • Korea and Japan

  • A critical look at both candidates' comments on Korea in the US Presidential election.

  • Marmot keeps track of Korea's favourite game: map-changing. And China's getting in on the act too, this time with Japan.

  • In Japan, reading magazines in stores can be deadly.

  • ,li>South Korea has given up catching North Korean spies.
  • If North Korea is such a paradise, why are groups of people scaling barbed wire to seek asylum? Rebecca wants to know what's happened to the unlucky group that were turned over to the Chinese by the Shanghai American School.

  • Japan celebrates the horse that can't.

  • Japan's on the UN Security Council for 2 years, but looking to make it longer.
  • SE and Other Asia

  • The "Anwar" from the infamous Jeff Ooi blog comment incident in Malaysia, has been identified and is likely to be charged.
  • Jodi looks at the issues facing Singapore as it modernises at the cost of its history.

  • Cambodia has a new king.

  • What Ramadan in Indonesia really means.
  • Macam-macam notes the challenges of the festival in non-Muslim countries. Niraj notes capitalism reaching its claws into this holy month.
  • Have a look at what the Indian blogosphere is saying. And look at the two approaches by Korean and Japanese firms in India.

  • Rezwan has a look at the complex relationship between Bangladesh and India.
  • Miscellany

  • Hello Kitty is being exploited for charity. Where will it end?

  • Some people are taking the 'Asian tiger' thing too seriously.
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    Hey my story might have been confusing, but the guy who was killed was actually the one who told the reader that he was in the way. So the moral of the story is: don't come between an unemployed man and his magazines.

    posted by: Adamu on 10.18.04 at 10:55 PM [permalink]

    Aha! I see that your "Kevin" permalink actually leads directly to Reverend Jim (a blog by a Canadian friend of mine). I assume this is revenge for my not having blogrolled you. I'll get right on that.


    PS: For whatever reason, it's still taking forever to access your page. Again, this might be a Korea-related problem, but just FYI.

    posted by: Kevin Kim on 10.19.04 at 12:53 PM [permalink]


    posted by: financier on 11.15.04 at 07:21 AM [permalink]

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