October 18, 2004

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The "Human" Market

Dan Washburn's travel diary of his journey through China is rivetting for what it reveals about the country and its people, not to mention being exceedingly well-written. His latest addition about Chengdu's "human market" and Dan's brush with the law is an absolute must read. A taste:

If you've ever been to China, you have likely been to an open market before. And you've likely seen the rows and rows of stalls selling fruits, vegetables and about 1,001 kinds of animals and their respective parts (all of them). The stalls are always overflowing with produce. Well, in your mind, substitute the produce with people.
Go read it all.

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Your links were blocked by my company's websense system. Was there nudity or offensive language?

posted by: kennycan on 10.18.04 at 07:26 PM [permalink]

thats crazy

posted by: pylorns on 10.19.04 at 12:24 AM [permalink]

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