October 18, 2004

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Just don't tell anyone

China and Russia have solved their border dispute after President Putin's visit last week. The Oz talks about the results on the ground and how the visit was a complete victory for Russia with nothing in it for China. Russia gets China's backing for WTO entry, solves the border dispute and more and all China gets is a likely no to a crucial oil pipeline.

The resolution of the border dispute is the result is being downplayed by both countries, despite it resolving a 40 year issue over which the two countries nearly went to war in 1969. There have been press releases but the details of the key dispute, over 3 islands (two on the Ussuri River in Heiloongjiang Province, the other on the Ergan River in Inner Mongolia), have been downplayed. The sovereignty will pass to China under the doctrine of thalweg but with "joint use" for the islands, allowing the current Russia residents to remain on the islands. The agreement is being downplayed to prevent nationalists on both sides of the border from opposing the deal.

That's real estate for you. Even when you get a good deal you can't tell anyone about it.

UPDATE: Duophony has more.

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Sound to me like the bear and the dragon are fighting among themselves gee who will bring peace? i wonder what a lot of soclaist think?

posted by: killdeer on 10.18.04 at 11:05 PM [permalink]

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