August 19, 2004

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It's those Zionists again

I knew it, New Jersey Governor McGreevey isn't just a gay American.Mossad was involved.

(via Danwei)

posted by Simon on 08.19.04 at 01:31 PM in the


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Simon, don't you take part in the bi-weekly meetings to take over the world? Of course it is the fault of
Mossad. We Jews are at fault for everything. Tornado? That was us. ;-) Unfortunately some people would actually believe the above.

posted by: Rachel Ann on 08.19.04 at 02:54 PM [permalink]

I keep missing my Protocol meetings.

posted by: Simon on 08.19.04 at 03:07 PM [permalink]

I really like how the title of the link is "conspiracy_theory". As refreshingly honest as that might be, I would think that might also be a little overused for "news" stories from that site.

Let me know where the next meeting is. I'll bring beer!

posted by: RP on 08.19.04 at 08:26 PM [permalink]

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