August 19, 2004

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Sex in China *

There's something about sex in the air at the moment. Xinhau reports that China is now taking its campaign against p0rn to the next stage: "phone sex" services:

"With the rapid development of the paid call service market in China, some lawbreakers make use of this form to spread obscene information and even conduct prostitution," said Wang at a national teleconference on clamping down the notorious "phone sex"service.

"This depraves social morals, and especially brings great harm to the country's young minds," said Wang, saying the move would clean up the country's paid call service and ensure a wholesome development of the market.

Some would say the depraving social morals is the whole point; people are always curious about sex. Banning it doesn't help. More importantly how does China actually plan on monitoring all the phone conversations involved to decide which are illegal? The SCMP reports that in Hebei 18 staff monitor the 100,000 people working in the phone service industry. So it will be that typically Chinese crackdown: some showy arrests, fanfare for a few months and then everyone can get back to normal.

Meanwhile Hong Kong has its own set of sex scandals. A candidate for the LegCo election is arrested in China for soliciting a prostitute. Akwardky he has confessed to the crime, perhaps under coersion says his co-Democrats in Hong Kong. But his confession says he had sex twice with the prostitute. Now the issue has the HK Justice Department unsure how to handle things, especially his candidacy for the LegCo elections. His political party, the Democrats, have back-pedalled from claims of a set-up and are now lying low and hoping the whole thing will go away; the public mostly think he did it.

To top it all off, yesterday a Hong Kong policeman was caught in Shenzhen for the exact same crime during a vice raid. Sometimes Hong Kong's press makes blogging too easy.

* With a title like that, just watch those Google hits come in, baby!

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