August 19, 2004

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Hong Kong, Taiwan and China

  • Hong Kong was titillated with when a LegCo candidate was arrested for soliciting a prostitute in China. ESWN notes significant differences between the English and Chinese language versions of events. He also notes the rapid retreat by HK's Democrats in claiming political persecution.

  • In China, some things can be illegal but not a crime.

  • Phil says HK Disneyland's menu will have authentic cooking, although the workers at the site have to put up with different fare.

  • Slowly but surely Putonghua (Mandarin) is asserting itself as China's national language, but at what cost? Jodi takes a look at the same issue.

  • Shaky says either inflation or discrimination is taking hold in Hong Kong and China.

  • China's got itself into another border dispute.

  • Richard says Hu Jintao is in fact the Pope.

  • It's not easy being a reporter in China, and foreigners are still not welcome in China's media.

  • Tianjin is bringing policing to the people, literally.

  • CDN says the mouthpiece of the Communist Youth League is about the meet Rupert Murdoch and capitalism.

  • After all the fuss over Hong Kong's ICAC raids on newspapers, it turns out all they had to do was ask.

  • Google never cut a deal with China's censors, according to one of its founders.

  • China has both a new rock star and a hairy beast.

  • Beijing may be on track for the 2008 Olympics in terms of infrastructure, but its tourism friendliness could do with work.

  • When in Hong Kong, eat like the experts. The gents from Batgung have recommendations on dimsum and curry.

  • Adam says people debating violence in the media need to have a look at China's official press first. ALN says even advertising can be harmful. That said Jeremy says there are still some redeeming features.

  • China is running out of workers.

  • Fons says China's efforts at clamping down on online p0rn has been primitive and largely unsuccessful.

  • Danwei has a list of China's top Google searches for July. Jeremy also points out an entirely NSFW Asian Sex Gazette. It's not what you think.

  • Dan Washburn's in Xi'an: home of the terracotta warriors, recooked food, early beer drinking, bragging about beer and other drinking, anti-social non-smoking, dirt, shirtless eating and crossing China's national fat line. Read it all.

  • John at LiC talks about China's latest fashion craze.

  • Derrick separates fact and fiction about Sichuan.

  • Myrick disagrees with Lee Kwan Yew about what Beijing did in Tiananmen Square in 1989.

  • Laosan talks about China's stunning early success at the Olympics. The Ruck talks about China's outshooting the gun-loving USA.
  • Korea and Japan

  • Gord says Korea is more similar to America than many Koreas can admit. Andi has more. And Tony finds another example of the same phenomena.

  • Far Outliers talks about the lesser-known tour of Japan by the Philadelphia Bobbies baseball team in 1925.

  • South Korean President Roh doesn't want North Korean refugees. Marmot has more on those pesky defectors. Meanwhile Jodi looks at that little known group: defectors to North Korea.

  • Andy has found a boomerang in Korean politics, although Oranckay suspects there may be more to this than meets the eye. He also sees the potential for a new era of Korean style McCarthyism. Jeff also sees a double standard in action.

  • Ders has found Korea's vet for foreigners.

  • Marmot has Koguryo controversy part 3059.
  • SE Asia

  • Thailand is upset about China imitating it, according to CSR Asia.

  • Even Thailand's crooks are winners from the Olympics.

  • Via Tom comes this detailed report on the Hoa Binh (Peace) Village for Agent Orange victims in Vietnam.

  • In Indonesia, "Crooks Endorse Fool"

  • While on Indonesia, libel is a criminal offence, says Asia Media.

  • The Sassy Lawyer has good news for Filipinos: SMS messages won't be taxed. The bad news is helicopters will.

  • The Swanker says some prisoners are celebrating Indonesia's Independence Day; there may even be a family reunion in the offing. Myrick finds the celebrations include mass murderers. Jakartass talks about some who didn't get to celebrate the big day and excerpts an editorial that hopes the day will be a reason to look forward as well as back.

  • Mr. Brown says political freedom may be coming to Singapore, via the mobile phone.

  • Singapore is not a U.S. ally, says Myrick. He also looks at Singapore's economic future.

  • Andrea says there's potential trouble coming to Singapore.

  • Jodi follows Bobby Fischer's Japanese chess game.
  • Miscellany

  • The noise is getting to Shaky.

  • The alternative Big Mac index continues compiling the numbers.
  • UPDATE: There hasn't been a huge amount of comment on the impact in Asia of the new US troop re-alignment. But via Instapundit comes this look at the reaction in Europe.

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    when do you get time to read all this stuff? don't you have work to do?

    posted by: Giles on 08.19.04 at 04:48 PM [permalink]

    I think your weekly blog round up is great!

    posted by: Giles 2 on 08.19.04 at 07:49 PM [permalink]

    He does do a rather good job doesn't he

    posted by: phil on 08.20.04 at 12:01 AM [permalink]

    Thanks, Phil and Giles 2.

    posted by: Simon on 08.20.04 at 11:35 AM [permalink]

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