August 20, 2004

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Today's quiz

Is this woman wearing glasses?

posted by Simon on 08.20.04 at 09:17 AM in the


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nope, she's wearing a pair of goggles.

posted by: the letter b on 08.20.04 at 12:14 PM [permalink]

Brilliant ... how on Earth did you find that?!

posted by: shaky on 08.20.04 at 06:02 PM [permalink]

I've got contacts.

Get it. Contacts. Bhuwhahahahahhahahaha...

posted by: Simon on 08.20.04 at 06:23 PM [permalink]

That dog won't hunt.

I mean, that page won't load. Darn.

posted by: Jim on 08.20.04 at 11:30 PM [permalink]

Ouch! I got it now.

I think she's just a biker, or a biplane pilot.

posted by: Jim on 08.21.04 at 12:44 AM [permalink]

Can she see into the future with those things?

posted by: Scott_in_Japan on 08.23.04 at 04:56 PM [permalink]

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