January 26, 2004

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In an effort to economise, I'm incorporating 3 posts into one. It's part of the recent cut-backs here at Simon World in order to boost our profits for the coming quarter. Yes, there will be some downsizings, but it's part of the strategic review we're undergoing to better position this blog for the challenges ahead. [end corporate platitudes]

1. Last year it was SARS. This year's winner in the "Most exotic Asia disease to generate media frenzy" is bird flu. The usual collection of unhygienic farming methods, close contact between various species (including humans), Government cover-up and belated over-reaction seem to demonstrate that the disease name may change, but the pattern doesn't. Was Thailand sleeping last year when SARS hit China? Apparently so.

2. I've been told that China has no left-handers. I cannot verify if this is true (read a quick Google search was useless). However I was told the Chinese schooling system trains left-handers to use their right regardless. Left-handedness is frowned upon in China because it does not conform to the "norm". I do not know if people revert to their left once they finish school, or even if this is true. But I must admit I've yet to meet a left-handed native Chinese. I'm very open to someone enlighting me on this, or telling me it's a typical tale told to gweilos.

3. In our apartment block there are two sets of lifts. One is for use of residents. The other is a goods lift for the use of pets and maids. Another example of the sub-human treatment maids have to put up with here.

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Hong Kong: "No dogs or Filipinas"
Excerpt: From Simon World: a Hong Kong blog: In our apartment block there are two sets of lifts. One is for use of residents. The other is a goods lift for the use of pets and maids. Another example of the...
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Do you live in Tregunter Towers? There was a big fuss about Tregunter having anti-maid notices in their lifts some years ago.

posted by: fumier on 01.26.04 at 11:50 AM [permalink]

But the 'maid' lift gets you to park 'n shop or the car park quicker (no need to change). Who actually told you it's a maid lift. Our helper used to use the main lift and never once got questioned.

posted by: Bijai on 01.27.04 at 11:14 AM [permalink]

The 'maid' lift actually doesn't get to the PnS any quicker because that door is locked. We were told by a guard early on that the service lift was for maids and dogs, and I've rarely seen a maid use the main lift unless she was with a family. Just my observation. I don't think it's a rule per se...

posted by: Simon on 01.27.04 at 12:52 PM [permalink]

At any rate is this vastly different to having a trade entrance or employees entrance to a restaurant or hotel?

BTW According to Madam she has family who are left handed in China, so I guess it's either old news or an old wives tale. She says that it is more likely that famlies discourage it rather than schools.

posted by: bijai on 01.27.04 at 08:23 PM [permalink]

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