January 26, 2004

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This is the 500th post on this blog. It co-incides nicely with the 6 month anniversary of the establishment of this blog. Well, close enough (it was actually August 28th, 2003) to make it all tie together.

This should be a time to look back and enjoy the fruits of my labour. How this blog has triumphed in good times and bad, through highs and lows, hot and cold, yin and yang, up and down. A story of contrasts and similiarities. Of cliches and platitudes. Of mis-spelling and bad grammar. Fragmented sentences. Indistinct syntax.

But no. I refuse to look at the past. The way of the future is fowards, onwards, upwards. Higher, stronger, faster. I'm going to stick to my knitting, concerntrate on my core competencies and refocus on our central values. The customer is the key...

Apologies but the cliche machine has been overloaded.

500 posts and 6 months. In so many ways that is so very sad. I hope you've enjoyed it so far. I can only promise that it will get better from here.

posted by Simon on 01.26.04 at 12:09 PM in the


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Jolly Good!

I've only been around for the last fifty or sixty posts and since these have been pure gold I'll just assume the rest were very good too. It's either that or actually read the entire archive to find out for sure.

Word Of The Day - "assume"

posted by: Paul on 01.26.04 at 12:53 PM [permalink]

Woo Hoo!!!!! 500 posts in 6 months? Let's pick up the pace now, huh?! ;D

posted by: Tuning Spork on 01.26.04 at 01:00 PM [permalink]

"assume" - making and ass out of u and me.

posted by: Simon on 01.26.04 at 03:10 PM [permalink]

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