January 26, 2004

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Starting over

The extra long weekend provided several snippets of Hong Kong life. Thursday, being the start of the New Year, saw the Disneyland complex where we live celebrate with a lion dance. This involved loud drumming, incredible acrobatics and scaring of monsters and evil spirits. It also scared the living daylights out of PB, who isn't one for loud drumming, incredible acrobatics and scaring of monsters.

I also had the pleasure of hitting the new "Calloway" golf clubs at the driving range. They managed to stay in one piece and even sound like real clubs. They have some problems though - they still slice the ball quite badly and I know that it's not my oh-so-perfect swing.

Finally the other night I was heading to my bus stop from work. I noticed a crowd of people gathered around some local celebrity, taking photos and calling out. I walked straight past without a second glance. Which just shows the nature of celebrity. These people are only famous because we make them so.

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