January 23, 2004

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Questions on blogging

Why are there so few blogs by taxi drivers? They seem to know so much when you're in their cab.

Why are there so few blogs by doctors? They'd have some damn good material to work with.

Why are there so many blogs by lawyers? Have they done enough damage already?

posted by Simon on 01.23.04 at 09:56 PM in the


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Most doctors have real jobs and are way to busy to waste their time doing this. Lawyers on the other hand charge exorbitant fees and apparently do very little; just look at how they copiously post during working hours! As for taxi drivers -- I did that for six months after college, and your back hurts so much at the end of the day the last thing you want to do is sit in front of a computer, no matter how great your accumulated wisdom may be.

posted by: richard on 01.23.04 at 10:25 PM [permalink]

You left out bartenders.

posted by: Rob on 01.24.04 at 12:16 AM [permalink]

Doctors and taxi drivers may be mainly on the move and have myriad non-work moments interspersed in their work by its nature. Lawyers may mainly be at the computer where their words are the entire extent of their output ... and more words which may be tangentially off point serve as the "break" in thought that makes cogent thought possible.

Sooo .. no, not enough damage has been done as yet. ;-)

posted by: randall on 01.24.04 at 02:03 PM [permalink]

All good points. Hairdressers is another good one.

Still, the point is the blogosphere is biased by the nature of the work that various people do. People with jobs in front of their computer all day, e.g. me, can blog constantly, whereas people who no doubt would make interesting blogs can't because of the nature of their work.

Just saying, y'know.

posted by: Simon on 01.24.04 at 02:41 PM [permalink]

There are MANY doctors out there blogging! You'd be surprised at just how many there are.

Lawyers? Wordy windbags. Can't get enough of themselves.

Cab drivers? Well, I know of two who blog. But, unless they have laptops in their cabs, they're never home long enough to post. Hey.....maybe they should try AudBlogging!!!

posted by: Da Goddess on 01.24.04 at 03:57 PM [permalink]

Look on the bright side. At least this way you can get lawyers' wisdom free of charge.

posted by: fumier on 01.26.04 at 09:48 AM [permalink]

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