January 23, 2004

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Winter recipie

I often get asked what kind of food do I like to make. Usually by Mrs M when she wants me to make dinner*. So here is my first recipie, a speciality for winter:

King's Winter Feast

1 Bagel
1 Piece of cheddar cheese
1 Knife
1 Jar of Vegemite
1 Grill

Slice the bagel open. Toast the top side under the grill for a few minutes, until it's toasty. Turn it over, spread the vegemite and put the cheese on top. Put it back under the grill. It's ready when the cheese lifts up like a balloon uniformly across the bagel. Remove from grill. Put on plate. Garnish to taste. Wash it down with a delightful 2004 Diet Coke.

There you have it. A meal fit for a king on a cold winter's day. One of those kings deposed and despised by their country, like the Bourbons. But a king nevertheless.

*Mrs M wants me to point out that this is actually not true, and is a fallacy in aid of a rather lame joke. I refused.

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