January 23, 2004

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A man of my word, the prize for yesterday's homework was a tough choice. However there can only be one winner, and that was me. My egotistical plea for readers succeeded and I got some nice juicy comments to add to the sidebar.

OK, so I think Jim's effort is worthy of this:

Jim's new villa. (Keys not included)


posted by Simon on 01.23.04 at 03:52 PM in the


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Excerpt: I saw this at one of the houses we visited yesterday. One of the high points of the day, to be frank. - I mentioned a poem about lemurs a while back. Well, here's what someone else on Sleepless...
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Does it *have* to be a bitmap? What, standard jpeg villas not good enough for Jim, is that it?

posted by: Nicholas Liu on 01.23.04 at 07:41 PM [permalink]

Hiya Jim. My name is Helen, and I am on the lookout for a pimp with a "fixer-upper" villa. You single?

posted by: Helen on 01.23.04 at 10:54 PM [permalink]

Speaking of sidebars and such, why the hell aren't I on there as offering praise? Didn't I say you had the most erotic platypus I'd ever seen?

posted by: Da Goddess on 01.24.04 at 03:59 PM [permalink]

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