January 26, 2004

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Hong Kong is enduring a cold snap. From the SCMP

This winter is proving to be one of Hong Kong's coldest, with the record for the longest cold weather warning toppling yesterday. The Observatory said the record was broken at 6pm. The previous mark of 163 hours was set in March 2000.
I can pinpoint the exact time where the bottom was reached. It was 11:17am on Saturday, 24th January. How can I be so sure?

That was the point where we bought our 3 new heaters.

Of course Fortress, the biggest and most expensive electronics chain in Hong Kong, had completely sold out of heaters on Saturday. And they had no intention of ordering more in. Despite the cold. There is a massive gap in the Hong Kong market for anyone who can setup stores that believe in customer service. In any industry.

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Excerpt: Some people complain about service in HK. Some people think it's great. I've had my share of good and bad experiences, but the bad seem to be on a roll at the moment. I'm at home at the moment, had...
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Well that sucks. After walking around in the cold and wind I'm at least glad to know that I have a warm house at the end of the trial. Don't wanna sell me a heater? Then maybe I don't wanna come into yer store store anymore...

posted by: Tuning Spork on 01.26.04 at 01:12 PM [permalink]

In the greater shopping mall called Hong Kong, you say you cannot locate somewhere that sells a heater ?

Fortress aren't the only chain. Not to mention how about helping out a local store and buy one from them ?

posted by: Andrew on 01.27.04 at 07:05 AM [permalink]

Andrew - we tried Fortress first to see what was on the market; we ended up buying from a "local" place. We always do that - Fortress is the most expensive place in HK and I don't know why people shop there.

posted by: Simon on 01.27.04 at 08:20 AM [permalink]

Apologies if my comment was abrupt / terse. Its just if I get bad service or find that a store hasn't have what I want, I move on until I find what I need.

I don't feel the need to condemn an entire nation's retail / service industry in the process.

Having said this, I do accept that Asian retail / service is generally very ordinary.

But then I don't expect terrific service / knowledge from the average Harvey Norman or Grace Bros salesperson either. Even though I would prefer them to.

posted by: Andrew on 01.27.04 at 12:41 PM [permalink]

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