January 16, 2004

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The United States Constitution is an often discussed subject and perhaps the most important document of the modern era. One of the key commentaries to the Constitution was The Federalist Papers, written by three of the drafters of the original Constitution to "sell" it to the people of the new United States in 1788. In the process they explained many of the provisions of the Constitution in detail and provided for future generations an invaluable reference.

Now it's HK's turn. From the SCMP:

Plans to seek guidance from past speeches of a Basic Law drafting chief could boost the pro-democracy camp's case for introduction of universal suffrage by 2007...the late Ji Pengfei's explanations about the principles of constitutional development should be taken into account in the debate. The government said on Wednesday that Ji's views "had a certain degree of authority and therefore should become a reference".
Problem is these views no longer gel with China's. So there are now four "gaurdians" of the Basic Law, who's job seems to be to knock on the head any ideas that what is written could be interpreted as leading to greater democracy.

Federalist Papers, Hong Kong style.

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