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January 16, 2004

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Wild times

Sometimes I put the left headphone of my MP3 player in my right ear, and the right headphone in my left ear. Crazy, isn't it?

posted by Simon on 01.16.04 at 08:20 AM in the


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That should be OK as long as you turn to face the other way.

posted by: fumier on 01.16.04 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

You crazy, whacky guy! How can you stand it? All that excitement.

It's right up there with the glamour of my job. You know, the one where I dodge poop, pee, and vomit. Who says nursing can't be all that?

posted by: Da Goddess on 01.16.04 at 01:47 PM [permalink]

So do you hear secret satanic messages?

posted by: Joe Grossberg on 01.17.04 at 12:52 AM [permalink]

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